(Rental)-The Spread Motion Offense


(Rental)-The Spread Motion Offense

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The Spread Motion Attack Offense

Campbell University head coach Kevin McGeehan shares with you the spread motion attack, an offense that allows coaches to play their best five players regardless of size. The spread motion attack was developed over time and is a combination of Pete Carrill’s Princeton offense with NBA-style ball screens and even a little dribble-drive motion sprinkled in. Coach McGeehan gives you a detailed on-court demonstration of the offense that will help you teach your players how to space the floor and create scoring opportunities.


Coach McGeehan begins by discussing the philosophy of the spread motion offense and how it evolved. What he shares here will help you adapt and adjust the spread motion attack to your system. One of the biggest components of the offense is how it seamlessly adjusts from a 1-2-2 setup to a 4-out-1-in setup. From the basic setups to spacing and backdoor cuts, Coach McGeehan reviews the offense step by step.

Setup & Execution

Coach McGeehan continues with the 1-2-2 setup as well as the 4-out-1-in setup and explains various entries and scenarios. He simplifies the entire offense into a number of if-then scenarios. The actions he shows get the ball into the high post and create multiple scoring opportunities by screening away. Different screening angles will create different offensive options, but the basic action allows players to score via backdoor cuts, open jumpers, dribble handoffs, ball screens, and more. Coach McGeehan also gives you variations to the basic sets that counter certain defensive tactics.

The idea behind the spread motion attack is to put your best players in positions where they can effectively read a defense and create a scoring opportunity. Coach McGeehan’s video will teach you how to transition into the basic sets of the offense and play through a number of options. Over time, your team will develop a high basketball IQ and become very difficult to defend.