(Rental)-The Mover Blocker Offense


(Rental)-The Mover Blocker Offense

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Mover Blocker Offense

The Mover-Blocker offense is one that is gaining momentum at all levels of basketball. John A. Ferguson (FL) High School head coach Tom Jicha created the offense for a number of reasons. He begins this presentation with an explanation of why he uses the Mover-Blocker offense.

  • The luxury of motion
  • Puts the ball in best players’ hands
  • Moves and removes help defense
  • Offers numerous counters and options to exploit a defense

Mover Blocker Offense Setup

Coach Jicha details the basic structure of the offense. Players fit into one of two roles: blocker or mover. Coach Jicha explains the positioning and responsibilities of each player. Blockers, for example, must learn how to carry out a variety of screens for the guards to get open looks. Jicha emphasizes the two screens that are used the most – the pin down and flare.

The role of the movers is also addressed. Coach Jicha explains how they are positioned, how they move, and how they initiate the offense. For the most part, movers play 3-on-3 basketball with their defenders and then use the blockers to attack the defense and get open shots.

With the positional responsibilities taken care of, Coach Jicha moves on to the basic motion of the offense which is called Circle. Everything is built off of Circle. There are five main areas where players can get scoring opportunities. They include:

  • 3-point attempt off a pin down screen
  • Dump inside to the post
  • Back screen layup
  • Re-screen on the opposite side
  • Two-man game

Starting & Scoring in the Mover Blocker Offense

Coach Jicha shows you five ways to initiate the offense against different defenses. Players will use straight pop outs, crosses, bumps, L-cuts, and dribble hand-offs to start the offense. Then, Coach Jicha covers the nine areas of attack to create scoring opportunities. These include back screens, flares and 7-cuts.

From there, Jicha demonstrates how to score in the offense. He shows you seven types of the two-man game, four re-screen options, and two alternatives for the offense in a secondary set. This is the perfect offense for any junior high or middle school or higher level that has only two or three true scorers. It is also great for teams that face opponents that play great help defense. Learn the Mover Blocker offense today!