(Rental)-The Jet 4-out High Post Offense


(Rental)-The Jet 4-out High Post Offense

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Jesse Shaw: The Jet 4-Out High Post Offense

Scoring points in high school basketball can be a challenge especially in programs that lack size. Jesse Shaw, head coach at Antigo HS in Wisconsin, won four straight conference titles between 2013-16 and a 2010 state coach of the year award by instituting the Jet Offense.

Borrowing from Michigan’s John Beilein, Shaw’s offensive attack uses four guards, one post, and effective spacing to take advantage of opponents. In this video, Coach Shaw teaches the Jet Offense including two counters, five quick-hitting plays, and three pressure releases.

Jet Offense

Using a 5-on-0 half-court setting, Shaw introduces the Jet Offense. Not having much size on an annual basis, he instead focuses on spacing the floor and using motion to get high percentage shots. Shaw then begins teaching the three basic movements of the offense, which all begin with an initial pass.

  • Guard-to-Guard Pass: Learn how to use a rub screen in the beginning of the possession to create space in the paint for the next scoring option. Guards have five scoring options off of the ball screen.
  • Guard-to-Corner Pass: Learn how to start the offense with simple eye contact. Shooters have multiple scoring options coming off a down screen from the post.
  • Guard-to-Post Pass: You can use your post player to pull the defense out of the lane creating space to score. Posts can also slash to the basket or they can post up and use their array of back-to-the-basket moves.

Pressure Releases

Teams may try and overplay passes in the motion offense. You must have a counter if they do. Coach Shaw presents three pressure release options using a dribble clear, backdoor cut, and a dribble-up to get into the Jet Offense.

Jet Offense Counters

Teams will try and cheat on your basic actions in the Jet Offense. When they do, you must be able to counter. Coach Shaw shows you multiple counters that can be used all while keeping the continuity of the offense. You will also see two counters that will free up your best shooter for an open 3-point look and another that allows your post to pick and pop for an open perimeter shot.

Quick Hitters

It is inevitable that defenses will pick up on an offense’s basic movements. Coach Shaw shows you how to vary your attack with a number of quick hitters that will make your offense less predictable. You will see five sets that use isolating ball screens to create lanes to the basket. Options include one for the post on the block, a backdoor option, and a double stagger for your best shooter.

Coach Shaw’s video presents an answer for high school programs that lack size. The offense has tremendous flexibility and with all of the options and counters opponents simply will not know how to slow you down.