(Rental)-The Hybrid Mover Blocker Offense


(Rental)-The Hybrid Mover Blocker Offense

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The Hybrid Mover-Blocker Offense: Spacing, Screens & Cuts

Tom Palombo has accumulated over 550 career wins and has taken his Guilford College teams to 11 NCAA Division III tournament appearances. Coach Palombo has been able to do that using an offense that provides his players with numerous options and makes it difficult for opponents to defend. In this video, Coach Palombo breaks down his Hybrid Mover-Blocker offer and shares a variety of drills that relate to the motions on the court. There is also game footage to help you understand how to install the offense.

Rules and Offensive Foundation of the Mover Blocker Offense

Coach Palombo starts with the basic rules for the offense. One of the big ones is that players must learn to read the defense and each other. Blockers must be able to read specific angles in order to set screens for the movers. All players must be able to rebound effectively.

Next, Coach Palombo breaks down the actions related to the offense. There are three main actions:

  • Freddy: Fade screens
  • Charlie: Curl cuts
  • Ricky: Re-screens

Each action is repeated over and over so players learn how to read defenses and get open. Players learn to create space upon receiving the ball which creates open shots and drive opportunities.

Ways to Score in the Mover Blocker Offense

There are numerous ways to score in this offense. Blockers are often the recipients of post-ups and get opportunities off rolls as well. Coach Palombo also breaks down how timing, spacing and fluidity each play a role in the success of the Hybrid Mover-Blocker offense.

Timing is essential so that players receiving a screen come off at the exact time when they have a chance to score. Spacing is essential to allow players coming off a screen the space to shoot or drive to the basket. Being fluid is also important. The continuous movement of players makes it difficult for defenders to be right.

This is an outstanding video that will help you install the Hybrid Mover-Blocker offense. Your team will no doubt find success using the teachings of Coach Palombo.

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