(Rental)-The Fence Offense for Basketball


(Rental)-The Fence Offense for Basketball

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The Fence Offense

Whitman College head coach Eric Bridgeland has gone 104-14 over the past four seasons using an offense that creates space and provides plenty of easy scoring opportunities. Using the Fence Offense, Bridgeland and Whitman have gone unbeaten in conference play in each of the past two seasons. In this video, you get an inside look at how Bridgeland teaches the offense.

Spacing and Positioning in the Fence Offense

Players learn to space based off of the NBA 3-point line. Players move into the baseline corners, short corner post and on the sideline at the free throw line extended. Players are taught how to move and read as a ball handler gets downhill and into the paint. Bridgeland teaches players to attack the rim fast and furious looking to score off the dribble or hit a pitch, throw back, or post slide for an easy scoring chance. Coach Bridgeland has a “no standing zone” policy for players in between the baseline and free throw line where they are to be on the move.

Offensive Actions

Coach Bridgeland teaches a number of offensive actions. He starts with the flare screen. Players learn to over exaggerate screens to prepare them for game speed action As a ball handler attacks the paint, a weak side flare screen can set up an open 3-pointer. If not, the ball can be reversed to attack the paint again.

When flares aren’t possible, dribble hand-offs can be use on the strong side of the floor. This can open up wing players to attack the rim. Off of dribble hand-offs, players have multiple options including the following:

  • Catch and shoot
  • Catch, fake, and shoot
  • Catch, fake, and two-dribble attack
  • Throw back for a shot after a paint touch

Coach Bridgeland also shows you how to pair the flare screen with the dribble hand-off. You can use both actions together either on ball reversals or as your initial offensive action to get the ball into the paint for easy scoring opportunities.

Reads and Film

Coach Bridgeland finishes his presentation with a look at a read drill that helps players learn to read both middle and help side defenders. With the right read, players can create multiple attacking options. You will see a few game clips from previous seasons to get an idea of what the Fence Offense looks like at game speed.

Coaches looking to implement the dribble drive offense can use Coach Bridgeland’s Fence Offense to reap the same benefits, but do it with much simpler teaching. Rent this Fence Offense DVD today.