(Rental)-The Eight Separations For Advanced Players


(Rental)-The Eight Separations For Advanced Players

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Separation is the name of the game for any individual player. When a player is separated from a defender it then creates opportunities. Micah Lancaster comes with an advanced and effective skill development program that will take players game to the next level. It will literally transform their game. Lancaster has trained with some of the best players of the Basketball like the Hall of Fame player Kobe Bryant at his London School of Basketball. He uses an on court demonstration with the help of a lot of different equipments to take the players out of their comfort zone and take their game to the next level.

So, how does Lancaster workout work? Well, he breaks drills into small segments that will help the players to build their separation skills. In order to create separation with the ball for the youth players Lancaster has introduced a new style for the development of skill for any player.

There are three main areas on which the video focuses

  • Contact Separation - Master the art of using the off hand to protect the basketball and separate from the defender.
  • Jump Separation - Learn how to stretch out and finish when attacking the rim.
  • Fake Separation - Discover how to read the defense and attack it at it weakest points.

There are so many benefits of these workouts. As the coach is a master of making players step up their game so all these drills will surely help them. Players will learn how to become really good at their feet and hands to control every movement of the court. Ball control is everything in Basketball and players will learn that art by the newest drill of Lancaster which is “Maravich Ball Handling”. The moment your players start executing these small yet advanced drills they will be able to see improvements in their game. These drills will also help the players develop great habits with and without the basketball.