(Rental)-The Best Quick Hitters & Late Game Plays From The 2016 Olympics


(Rental)-The Best Quick Hitters & Late Game Plays From The 2016 Olympics

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The Best Basketball Quick Hitters & Late Game Plays from the 2016 Olympics

Fran Fraschilla is a former Division I head coach at Manhattan, St. John’s, and New Mexico. He currently serves as ESPN’s International Basketball analyst and he has analyzed the best teams from the 2016 Summer Olympic Games held in Rio. Drawing from his experience, Fraschilla offers you a unique look at some of the most effective innovations in basketball offense from an international perspective.

Continuity Pick and Roll

Fraschilla introduces a continuity pick and roll offense used by Australia with great success at the 2016 Olympics. The offense isolates a talented post player all while creating player movement with side ball screens. A big part of the offense is the dribble hand-off. Coach Fraschilla explains the technique in detail and identifies the reads needed to successfully run the offense.

Along with the basics of the continuity offense, Fraschilla adds in seven basketball quick hitters that will keep any defense off guard. These set plays use a number of screens to free up post players. Guards use stagger, pin, and flare screens to get open for perimeter shots. Fraschilla also details how Australia dealt with overplaying defenses.

Spread Pick and Roll

Coach Fraschilla then moves on to Venezuela and Croatia, which both use the spread pick and roll offense. You will see how to catch a defense every time with the Varejao Screen and how to maximize the strain on defenses with back action and short rolls.

Fraschilla shows you two basketball quick hitters that flow right into the spread ball screen alignment. You will see a play from Serbia where defenders are run through shuffle cuts and stagger screens. One play from Lithuania helps dissect a defense with movement in screen the screener action.

Basketball Set Plays

There are always situations where an offense needs to score. Coach Fraschilla shares with you 10 of his favorite set plays from Olympic competition. They can be used after timeouts, in end-of-game situations, or when your team simply needs a basket.

  • Dribble Hand Off Action: From Serbia, this a great play for a team with a great playmaker.
  • Latvia Quick Hitter: It looks like a side pick and roll, but uses floppy action and false motion.
  • Australia Post Up Quick Hitter: Utilizes flex action for post players.
  • Australia Quick Hitter: Uses a 1-4 set and Iverson cut to generate lob opportunities.
  • Lithuania Quick Hitter: Set play for a 3-pointer from the flex.

Coach Fraschilla provides you with a wealth of international basketball knowledge in this video. There is something in here for everyone to pull out and incorporate into their current offense. Rent this basketball quick hitters video today.