(Rental)-The 1-1-3 & 3-2 Match Up Zone Defenses


(Rental)-The 1-1-3 & 3-2 Match Up Zone Defenses

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In this video, Eric Flannery demystified every rotation and concept to equip you with the basics of a match-up zone defense. It doesn’t matter if you're searching for a different look to your defensive viewpoint/strategy or just something that will perplex your best opponents, this zone defense has it all. This video is recommended for any who is looking to stifle even the best offensive opponents because having a lockdown defense is critical in today's game.

Using several defensive set-ups, Coach Flanneryhe illustrated how the rotations within the zone will allow you to disguise your defense, making your opponents think you're using your man-to-man defense strategy. From 5v5 rotations, you'll learn how to guard a driving team from the wing, a team that has lights-out shooters, or mobile post players with some range. He also gave detailed breakdowns of wing coverage, corner coverage, skip passes, screening action, and how to take away drives. The areas he touched include, the Man –to- Man approach and 1-13 Defense.

Man-to-Man Principles

To help your players seize these concepts and movements, Flannery showed how to defend different offensive set-ups. From a 2-guard front, to a 3-2 look, to a 1-4 high set up, Flannery's easy to train concepts will help athletes to see the pattern of slides and coverage. To fix this defense is simple and can be fun to do. If you're an aggressive team, you can utilize the zone coverage to trap the ball in the deep corner or at half court, creating steals and scoring opportunities for your team.

1-1-3 Defense

Flannery used on-court illustrations to show his 1-1-3 match-up zone, which is as aggressive as a 1-3-1. You'll see the basic principles for each position, predicated on ball pressure and player movement to defend the offense.

Coach Flannery did an excellent job illustrating his defensive philosophy for the match-up zone. If you're looking for a defense to stifle your toughest opponent, this one is for you!