(Rental)-Techniques For Defending The Side Pick & Roll


(Rental)-Techniques For Defending The Side Pick & Roll

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Defending the Side Pick and Roll

Modern basketball offenses incorporate the ball screen. If you are not defending the side pick and roll, your team is going to give up too many easy layups and open jump shots. Ray Giacoletti, a former head coach at Drake and Utah and a former assistant at Gonzaga, shows you three ball screen defenses in this video. Having multiple ways to defend the ball screen is something that not many teams do. Set yourself apart from your competition with Coach Giacoletti’s help.

Keys to Ball Screen Defense

Coach Giacoletti starts by introducing the three keys to effective ball screen defense. Teams must have the ability to communicate with each other. Whether verbal or non-verbal, teams must communicate to play good ball screen defense. Players must also have two sets of hands up at all times ready to defend any pass or driving angle off the ball screen.

White Coverage

Players learn the mechanics of defending a ball screen by getting over the top with a hard show in a simple 2-on-2 drill. Coach Giacoletti introduces the first line of help with the off-ball defender. He emphasizes:

  • Close with two hands
  • Get into the ball handler
  • Come off the screen with two hands high
  • Force out and away from the rim
  • X out with the post players on the roll

Blue Coverage

One popular way to defend the ball screen is known as downing the ball screen, or forcing it toward the baseline. The defense tries to prevent the ball handler from using the screen. This is a great coverage for teams with big men that aren’t mobile and have trouble with the pick and roll. Teams can then trap the ball handler as he moves to the baseline. Coach Giacoletti emphasizes:

  • Flip your feet as you hear the screen coming
  • Get into the shoulder of the on-ball defender
  • On trap, the post must sprint to the trap as soon as they dribble to the baseline

Red Coverage

If you consistently have a lot of players with similar physical characteristics – size and speed – you can employ the squeeze. The screener forces the player setting the screen into the ball handler so their teammate can get under and take away a driving angle.

Coach Giacoletti gives you three ways to handle ball screens. Each coverage is broken down into simple and easy mechanics so your players can learn it quickly. Utilizing multiple defenses against a ball screen offense is sure to confuse opponents and improve your level of play. Rent this Defending the Side Pick and Roll DVD today.

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