(Rental)-Team Practice Drills


(Rental)-Team Practice Drills

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Open Practice: Team Practice Drills

University of Central Oklahoma head coach Bob Hoffman has over 600 career coaching victories. As the former head coach at Mercer University, Hoffman won back-to-back Atlantic Sun Conference Coach of the Year awards in 2013 and 2014. He led Mercer to its first-ever NCAA tournament win – over Duke in 2014 – in program history.

In this video, Hoffman shares a collection of intense and effective team practice drills. With an emphasis on building a culture of teamwork and communication, Hoffman shows you how he was able to take a mid-major program like Mercer and beat a college basketball blueblood like Duke in the NCAA tournament.

Transition Offense

In a live practice setting, Coach Hoffman shows you five full-court drills that help you develop your transition offense. The drills include:

  • Three Lines Drill: This is a two-ball drill that works on igniting the offense with quick outlet passes and finishing at the rim with layups.
  • The Pacer Drill: Players are challenged to make jump shots in transition.
  • Three-Man Weave: This traditional drill is made more difficult by decreasing time goals and limiting the number of passes allowed on trips down the floor.
  • Five Man Weave to 3-on-2 Back Drill: Players work on scoring in transition when in advantage situations.
  • Line Transition: This drill emphasizes defense and forces players to protect the rim in a temporary disadvantage situation.

Early Offense

A series of 3-man and 4-man full-court drills are used to develop the early offense. Coach Hoffman’s team practices a variety of scoring actions that they use in transition. Guards work on transition jump shots while also looking for different ways to feed the post. You will get plenty of ideas for how to develop your own early offense using these drills.


Watch and see how Coach Hoffman and his staff control their scrimmages to teach players their offensive and defensive systems. When play is stopped, watch as the coaches and players huddle to discuss the previous play and talk about new strategies.

Coach Hoffman’s presentation can be used as a template for a full practice or it can be picked apart drill by drill. For coaches looking for an up-tempo attack and how to build teamwork, Coach Hoffman’s presentation is the perfect addition to a coaching library.