(Rental)-Stopping The Pick & Roll


(Rental)-Stopping The Pick & Roll

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Stopping the Pick and Roll

The ball screen has become a staple in most basketball offenses at every level of the game. Matthew Driscoll, University of North Florida head coach, has spent his career honing his knowledge of the pick and roll. Driscoll spent several years with Scott Drew at Baylor building the Bears’ program into a winner. Driscoll left for North Florida and led the Ospreys’ program to its first-ever NCAA tournament appearance in 2014-15.

In this stopping the pick and roll video, Coach Driscoll provides in-depth commentary and whiteboard diagrams to help you show your team how to operate as a unit and open up scoring options with ball screens. Driscoll also shares drills to help players learn to defend ball screens.

Breakdown Drills to Defend the Ball Screen

Use breakdown stations to teach defensive techniques for players involved in the ball screen. Coach Driscoll shares the four points he emphasizes in defending ball screens.

  • Hard hedges by the screen defender disrupt the ball handler’s attack while the guard recovers
  • “Blitz” or trapping the ball can lead to fast break opportunities on the other end
  • Switching the ball screen minimizes the amount of help off-ball defenders have to provide and eliminates two defenders being occupied by the ball
  • The “Zone” option allows your post player to pack the paint and force penetrating guards into difficult, contested mid-range shots

Practice Segments

From a 3-on-3 practice setup, Coach Driscoll discusses help defense against angled ball screens and the Horns set. One of the primary points of emphasis for defenders is guarding shooters in the corners and helping on a rolling big man while also being prepared to recover to challenge a shot attempt.

Eventually, practice progresses to 5-on-5 where the team works on shutting down the ball screen. Other offensive tactics are introduced as well. They include:

  • Side ball screens
  • Playing through multiple pick and rolls
  • Defending the Floppy action
  • Covering ball screens after defending a UCLA screen

Coach Driscoll presents everything any coach needs to defend the pick and roll. Full of technique, mindset, defensive rotations, and communication; this video can help you build a defense capable of shutting down opponents’ ball screens. Rent this stopping the pick and roll DVD today.