(Rental)-Stifling Your Opponent With Multiple Defenses


(Rental)-Stifling Your Opponent With Multiple Defenses

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Stifling Your Opponent with Multiple Changing Basketball Defenses

Current South Florida assistant and former Marshall head coach Tom Herrion believes in a philosophy of disrupting offenses by playing different defenses. The idea is to keep an offense uncomfortable with the ability to switch defenses between man and zone. Herrion used the philosophy with great success at Marshall where he took the Thundering Herd to two postseason tournaments in four years.

Pressure Basketball Defenses

Coach Herrion goes onto the court to walk you through four different pressure defenses designed to get the ball away from the opposing team’s best all handler. Two concepts – Lock and Squeeze – are taught as methods of getting the ball into the hands of a post player to bring the ball up the floor in transition. The segment finishes with the Greyhound Drill, a full-court drill that emphasizes transition offense and getting immediately into full-court pressure on a made basket.

Zone Basketball Defenses

Continuing in his presentation, Coach Herrion explains two zone defenses that keep opponents off balance. Both defenses for opponents into trapping areas at half court. Herrion goes into further detail on the 1-2-2 containing press showing you how to get two different traps. He also explains how to use the 2-1-2 press. Coach Herrion shows you how most teams try to beat the 2-1-2 press and then explains how to shut opponents down with the 2-1-2 by putting heavy pressure on the ball.

Ball Screen Basketball Defenses

When opponents are lucky enough to break the pressure, Coach Herrion shows you three different ball screen defenses you can use against an opponent’s best ball handler and shooter. You also get an in-depth look at downing or icing a screen, which effectively forces opponents away from the basket.

This is great presentation on how to use defense to control games. Use Coach Herrion’s multiple changing defenses to stifle your opponents and prevent any offensive flow. Rent this Basketball Defenses video today.