(Rental)-Special Situations For Your Offensive Game Plan


(Rental)-Special Situations For Your Offensive Game Plan

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Special Situations Basketball Plays with Matt Painter

Purdue head coach Matt Painter opens up his playbook in this special situations basketball plays video to show you a variety of ways to create a balanced offense. Coach Painter dives into an offensive system that has helped his Boilermaker teams win three Big Ten regular season titles and earn two trips to the Sweet Sixteen. An offense needs to have structure but at the same time leave room for players to make plays. Watch as Coach Painter shows you how to attack both man and zone defenses with three motion attacks.

Chalk Talk

First, Painter discusses the key elements of building a successful motion offense. He talks about explaining shot selection to your players as well as dribble rules, post play, and screening. During the practice portion of the segment, Coach Painter shows you how the offense can be initiated. Starting with a free throw or off an inbound, Painter goes through the offense in a 5-on-0 setting. You will also watch two drills that Purdue uses to teach their offense.

  • 4-on-4 No Dribble Drill: develops coordination of the offense with great ball movement and cutting action
  • Transition Motion: teaches players how to flow into the half-court offense from a fast break

Inbound Plays

Watch as Purdue practices a number of their half-court inbound plays. These plays are safe from any location on the floor versus man or zone defenses and they can create all sorts of scoring opportunities. Coach Painter discusses the actions of his Split baseline series and how to run Split into screen-the-screener actions, side ball screens, stagger screens, or the zone offense. Box Z is another play to run against zone defenses and it morphs into four different zone attacks. Another three inbound plays use handoffs, stagger screens, and baseline drives to score in short clock situations.

Full Court Plays

Coach Painter addresses another special situations basketball plays as he walks his team through a number of full court plays. He uses “Box” as a sideline inbound against a pressure defense. He explains how to create space for the ball and how to defeat the trap.

The Free Throw Transition drill shows you how to break the 1-2-2- zone press. Painter discusses when the inbounder should run the baseline and he gives you three inbound plays to help find an open player against the most aggressive full court presses. Painter also reviews beating the 2-2-1 and Diamond presses.

All coaches can benefit from Coach Painter’s extensive knowledge of special situations. Expand yours with the help of the 2019 Big Ten Coach of the Year! Rent this special situations basketball plays DVD today.

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