(Rental)-Space & Pace Basketball Offense


(Rental)-Space & Pace Basketball Offense

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Space and Pace Ball Screen Offense

Use this Ball Screen Offense to get wide open 3s. If you want to keep pace with basketball offense, you need to understand spacing the floor, tempo, and how to get players in position for 3-point shot attempts. Central Michigan head coach Keno Davis offers you an introduction to the modern offense that emphasizes the 3-pointer and spreading the floor. Coach Davis was the MAC Coach of the Year in 2015 and has led the Chippewas to three postseason tournaments.

In this ball screen offense video, Coach Davis teaches you how to use space to create scoring opportunities and how to set up mismatches by using ball screens to put your players in advantage situations. You will also see how Davis uses statistics to provide feedback to his team and to predict success.

Space & Pace

Coach Davis breaks down everything you need to know about space and pace in this segment using whiteboard illustrations and on-court demonstrations. You will learn how to transform your team into a fast break machine and how to constantly put pressure on defenses with a primary and secondary break.

In addition to tempo, you will see how Coach Davis places players on the floor so that they maximize their effectiveness on offense. He will also show you a variety of ways to get the basketball in the hands of your best players in areas on the floor where they will have success. Coach also shows you some of his favorite set plays with options in addition to sharing how to break down and sequence reads so that your players play with poise and confidence.

Using Space & Ball Screens

A key to setting up your offense for success is pulling an opponent’s shot blockers away from the rim Coach Davis shows you multiple ways to do so in this segment. You will see great detail on how to use single and double ball screens to create more space to take the ball to the basket and/or get more open 3-point looks.

This 67-minute video is full of ways to create scoring opportunities for your best players using both space and pace. If you are looking to improve on offense, Coach Davis presents you with the necessary tools to get it done. Rent this Ball Screen Offense DVD today.