(Rental)-Snow Valley Basketball Camp: Offensive Skills


(Rental)-Snow Valley Basketball Camp: Offensive Skills

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Offensive Skills in Basketball - Snow Valley

Develop your entire offensive game with the help of the Snow Valley Basketball Camp. The camp is one of the best in the nation and features former NCAA and NBA coach Tates Locke and NBA/Elite College Skills coach Drew Hanlen, among others. In this video, coaches work on a number of offensive fundamentals.

Moving Without the Ball

Players must be able to move without the ball. Coach Hanlen describes five different cuts a player can make to create space after coming off of a screen. The 4-on-4 cutthroat drill is introduced to force players to use one of the cuts to get open.

Post Player Fundamentals

Coaches use drills to teach post players the proper footwork and hand and body position involved in post play. You will see instruction on posting up and entry passes.

Individual Offense

Coach Hanlen shows you 1-on-0 and 1-on-1 drills designed to improve a player’s individual offense. Players use fakes and quick body movements to get their defender off balance.

Transition Offense

Coach Paul Saevre, a Beloit College assistant, insists on players making quick decisions in game-like situations. In this segment, he puts players in various scenarios – 2-on-1 and eventually 5-on-5 – to help develop this skill. He also puts players through a secondary break drill to further enhance teaching quick decision making.

Offensive Skill Work: Pick and Roll

The pick and roll must be mastered as it is a big part of today’s game. Coach Hanlen teaches the art of the action. He teaches guards how to read when coming off of a screen and how to attack a defense. Coach Hanlen uses a series of drills to teach foot position, shoulder placement, and how to maintain your vision when coming off a screen.

Zone Offense

In the final segment, players learn a simple but effective zone offense. Players learn that passing and fake passes really disrupt the zone. Coach Locke uses a 4-on-4 shell drill to teach players how to attack the seams in a zone defense. He also shows players how to use dribble penetration to forces two players to guard one offensive player.

This 194-minute video is another outstanding presentation from Snow Valley Basketball Camp, which gives players all of the fundamentals and technical skills they need to become top players at any level. Rent this offensive skills in basketball DVD today.