(Rental)-Smart Basketball Training Shooting Drills


(Rental)-Smart Basketball Training Shooting Drills

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Smart Basketball Shooting Drills

Austin McBeth, Lead Trainer at Smart Basketball Training and Des Moines Area Community College assistant, teaches a variety of drills designed to help players increase their shooting percentage and score from different areas on the court. McBeth, who played under Fred Hoiberg at Iowa State, presents 29 shooting drills that will help players improve their footwork, balance, release, and ability to create space to shoot the basketball.

Catch & Shoot Basketball Shooting Drills

To be a great shooter, you have to have the ability to shoot the basketball off the catch. Coach McBeth presents a variety of drills that can be done with a partner or on your own. The drills work on learning to catch the basketball and get a shot off quickly. In game situations, this will make it more difficult for defenders to contest your shot.

In addition, shooters will learn to pump fake, relocate, and jab step to keep defenders at bay. Once the catch and release is perfected, McBeth has a number of goal-oriented exercises to challenge players to make a certain number of shots in order to complete a drill.

On the Move, Off the Dribble

After becoming more comfortable shooting spot-up jump shots, the next dimension to add to your game is shooting on the move and off the dribble. Today’s game features a lot of ball screens and having the ability to shoot off the screen is a must.

Coach McBeth shows you drills that simulate catching and shooting on the run. The Diamond Chair Drill forces a player to handle the ball before transitioning to a shot. McBeth also includes drills that work on these shooting skills, but also help to build a player’s endurance. Players can then play at a higher level without getting tired.


The final phase of drills presented by Coach McBeth puts everything together. These drills string together ball handling, movement, and shooting so players can master the toughest moves and are ready to break them out at any time.

Coach McBeth and Smart Basketball Training give you the drills you need to become a better shooter. Turn your shot into a deadly weapon today! Rent this basketball shooting drills DVD today.

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