(Rental)-Smart Basketball Training Ball Handling Drills


(Rental)-Smart Basketball Training Ball Handling Drills

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Almost every one who watching Stephen Curry or Kyrie Irving marvel at their ability to handle the basketball. Almost every young hooper wishes they could do the same thing. What most do not realize is that it is possible to have those types of handles. All you need is the right set of drills and the work ethic to spend hours, and hours, in a gym or park perfecting your skills.

This video will give you a set of 30 drills, led by Smart Basketball instructor Austin McBeth, that will provide you the bedrock of your ball handling skill set. McBeth will show your the proper technique and intensity necessary to perfect these crucial ball handling moves. If you are serious about improving your game and committed to putting in the work then this DVD can be the starting point of your basketball journey to improvement.

Stationary Ball Handling

McBeth begins the DVD with a warm-up type series of drills that work on the basics of every other move you will learn. He focuses on the pound series which will help you control the ball more efficiently. This warm-up alone will drastically improve your ability to control the ball while also improving your hand-eye coordination.

Moves On The Move

Everyone loves breaking a defenders ankles and this section is where you will learn how to do that. Once you perfect the stationary ball handling, your body is ready for the more advanced moves on the move. McBeth shows you a variety of the basic open court dribbling moves along with how to combine those moves into killer combinations. This section will give you all the skills you need to escape pressure and attack helpless defenders in the open court.

Advanced Ball Handling with Contact

When the basics become boring McBeth shows you how to spice up your workout in this section. He uses cones, pads, and other objects to add contact and unpredictability to your workout. This section will test your fundamentals and focus while pushing you out of your comfort zone which is where great players are made.

Learn from a pro an become an elite ball handler by renting this DVD today.