(Rental)-Skill Development Workouts For All Ages


(Rental)-Skill Development Workouts For All Ages

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Skill Development Workouts for All Ages

University of Michigan assistant coach Phil Martelli believes players can benefit from less time in the gym. The former Saint Joseph’s head coach, who took the Hawks to the 2004 Elite Eight, has a skill development philosophy that is based on three factors: speed, repetition, and building. In this video, Coach Martelli shows you how to implement his system. A well-devised plan, Martelli believes, can lead to players benefiting from less time in the gym.

Ball Handling Drills 

The 40-minute workout begins with basic ball handling drills that can be done anywhere. New moves are added to continue to push players to improve. You will see nine ball handling drills demonstrated on the court. Players learn to improve their vision while handling the basketball. Martelli places an emphasis on balls flying around as quickly as possible and players moving at game speed in order to maximize development.

Shooting Drills

After ball handling, Coach Martelli moves on to two sections of shooting drills. These are designed to build on the move ball handling as well as improve finishing at the rim. By placing value on finishing at the rim, players are forced to focus on layups at game speed.

Coach Martelli adds floater shooting into the skill development so players have another element for defenders. Players will maximize their reps by constantly pushing themselves at high tempos.

The second section of shooting places an emphasis on form and shooting from game spots. You will six different drills demonstrated, each making players accountable for their shots. Martelli shares three different foul shooting contests where players earn points based on a swish, hitting the rim, or using the backboard.

Coach Martelli’s skill development workout shows you how to incorporate speed and repetition into your drills. The end result is your players get more quality work done in less time. This workout can help any player or coach at any level and is great for in-season or the offseason. Rent this Skill Development DVD today.