(Rental)-Skill Development Workout: Point Guards


(Rental)-Skill Development Workout: Point Guards

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Skill Development Workout: Point Guards

As the playmaker of the team, the point guard must understand his or her role and responsibility to a team and its success. Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall provides you with a complete point guard workout in this video. He will show you a number of drills including shooting drills, ball handling, and more to help you develop the complete point guard.

Coach Marshall has had a ton of success with the Shockers leading them to seven regular season and tournament championships as well as a trip to the 2013 Final Four. Marshall’s presentation was recorded during a live Wichita State workout and the coach offers his insights and narrative into the details of each drill presented.

It is the point guard’s responsibility to bring the ball up the floor on offense. The point’s ball handling skills must be excellent and must be able to handle any situation. Coach Marshall shows you a rigorous ball handling routine that includes cone ball handling drills. Each drill is designed to challenge a guard and help to master fundamental techniques that can be used to attack any defender.

Shooting drills are another part of the workout. Coach Marshall will show you shooting drills that can simulate shots your point guards will take in your offensive system. Players learn to develop timing, how to move without the ball, and how to finish around the rim in traffic. In addition, there are some great drills to help develop the ability to feed the post. When the lane to the rim gets closed, point guards must be able to feed the ball inside.

Coach Marshall teaches point guards to read flat screens in the open court in an effort to get to the rim and create scoring opportunities for the team at the end of a half or game. You will see a full court drill where point guards must learn to score on a defender in the open court as they play 1-on-1 continuously.

The effective point guard is an extension of the coach on the floor. Coach Marshall’s point guard workout will increase your players’ basketball and leadership IQs, which can help take your team to the next level.