(Rental)-Skill Development Workout: Guards


(Rental)-Skill Development Workout: Guards

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Skill Development Workout: Guards

As part of his individual player workout series, Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall brings you this intensive guard workout designed to create better overall players within your own system. Wings need to have skills like moving off the dribble, scoring off of a screen, handling the ball in the half- and full-court, and getting to the rim and finishing. Coach Marshall presents drills to build each of those skills.

Coach Marshall was the 2014 Naismith Coach of the Year and recorded over 300 wins as the leader of the Shockers program. Wichita State has won seven regular season and conference titles and Marshall took the Shockers to the 2013 Final Four.

The guard workout begins with a wing series where players learn to read defenses and get to the rim using various ball handling drills and finishing moves. You will see V-cuts, curls, and the rip and turn. Each series introduces a new move to help your players improve their overall ability.

Coach Marshall demonstrates a number of ball handling moves that can be used against any type of defensive pressure. Wings must be skilled at handling the ball just like a point guard. Using these moves, Marshall takes players through a series of competitive shooting drills in 3-on-0, 2-on-0, and 1-on-0 situations. These drills incorporate screening action, post feeds, and transition jump shots.

Any individual workout must include work on defense. Coach Marshall includes closeout drills and defending the drive drills to help players improve their ability to defend. These drills also serve as a conditioner and help them focus on how to play defense when they are tired.

In 53 minutes, Coach Marshall puts together an extensive guard workout that can help players develop into scorers on the offensive end and lock-down defenders on the other end. You will understand why Wichita State has been so successful under Coach Marshall after you have seen this action-packed video.