(Rental)-Skill Development Workout: Forwards


(Rental)-Skill Development Workout: Forwards

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Skill Development Workout: Forwards

Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall shows you why his program has been so successful with a forward development workout that will challenge your players. The workout is designed to create players that are comfortable playing on the wing as well as in the low post. Players are put through a variety of shooting drills, ball handling drills, rebounding drills, and defensive drills. Forwards must have the ability to score around the rim, shoot from outside, and put the ball on the floor and drive to the rim to score.

Marshall has developed a number of excellent forwards during his tenure at Wichita State where he has won seven different regular season and conference tournament championships. He was named the 2014 Naismith College Coach of the Year and took his 2013 Shockers team to the Final Four. Coach Marshall is well-versed in the art of forward play.

In putting his players through these drills, Coach Marshall stresses fundamentals and execution. For example, when his players pass they are to pass to the appropriate hand (the one away from the defender). They are to cut with a purpose. They must always be aware of a potential scoring opportunity and should be able to see any threat of an approaching double-team.

Players go through a number of half-court and full-court drills in the forward workout. The Mikan drill is a staple used to teach players how to keep the ball high and away from guards and how to finish at the rim. Other drills teach players to screen properly and to how to cut after the screen. A competitive shooting drill is used to put players in spots where they will shoot from in games.

You will see a few new ball handling and shooting drills that will help improve your players’ basketball IQ. Coach Marshall will show you how to break down your own system’s offensive patterns to automate those movements and put your players in game spots. Players learn to perfect those shots. Marshall adds an element of competition to the drills with goals for each in order to challenge his players to knock down shots.

A Marshall forward workout would not be complete without addressing defense. the Double Closeout Drill shows players how to closeout properly and defend the baseline drive. Coach Marshall shows you how to adapt the drill to your defensive system. Your players learn how to move within your own defense whether it is on-ball defense or help side defense. You will also see how Marshall incorporates the heavy basketball to help players feel confident and strong with a regular basketball.

Coach Marshall’s forward development video is perfect for helping coaches develop players that will fit into their system and excel. Own it today!