(Rental)-Skill Development & Shooting Drills


(Rental)-Skill Development & Shooting Drills

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Open Practice: Skill Development & Shooting Drills

The TCU basketball program has experienced immediate success under the leadership of head coach Jamie Dixon. A big reason for the improvement is the player development that has occurred during Dixon’s tenure. In this video, Dixon shares with you how he enhances the offensive ability of his players with a collection of individual skill development drills. This entire practice video trains players to make simple and effective decisions like making the right pass at the right time. Get an inside view of what player development looks like.

Passing and Shooting Team Drills

Dixon and the Horned Frogs go through six passing and shooting drills that can be used by an entire team. Three passing drills focus on making accurate passes, catching the basketball under control, pivoting to find open passing lanes, and finishing at the rim.

The Warrior and Maverick shooting drills are great for getting your team to compete. When each shot counts, players focus more on every rep. Pre-Game Shooting is another drill that simulates scoring in transition. Players catch on the move and use various moves to gain an advantage and score at the rim or create space for a pull-up jumper.

Guard Drills

One of the key’s to TCU’s turnaround has been guard play. Dixon builds complete guards with a series of four competitive shooting drills that force players to make shots in game-like situations. You will see how to simulate transition jumpers, drive and kick situations, passing out of double teams and setting up the defender to attack off ball screens.

Dixon also has guards work on beating pick and roll defense. Guards learn to read what a defense is doing and look for counters, gaps, and open shots.

Post Drills

Dixon has developed a post progression routine to ensure that his players have good hands and are versatile. Posts develop a go-to move, a counter move, another counter move, and perfect their footwork in the paint. Being versatile means being able to score away from the basket, so posts work on their shooting range. The Circle Shooting drill is the perfect way to develop touch around the rim while also extending one’s shooting range.

The final post drills are those that develop decision making skills when coming off a pick and roll. Players work through a progression of moves out of ball screens like short rolls, slips, pops, and more. The idea is to develop a well-round, complete post player.

In 50 minutes, Coach Dixon gives you a wealth of information you can use to enhance the ability of every player on your roster.

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