(Rental)-Skill Development For Post Players


(Rental)-Skill Development For Post Players

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Skill Development for Post Players

Improve the development of your post players with this progressive workout routine from Kent State head coach Rob Senderoff. With 25 years of coaching experience including the last eight as head coach of the Golden Flashes, Senderoff has focused his on post player development. He has devised a system featuring over 14 drills and variations that can build well-rounded post skills. The workout is a challenge and builds confidence in posts’ play around the basket.

Post player development begins from the ground up and starts with the ability to handle the basketball to create space in the post. Coach Senderoff uses everyday equipment to take players through a series of drills to make their normal motions become automatic. When game time comes, post players are more fluid and more confident. In each drill, Senderoff helps players develop an aggressive mentality that includes finishing off of two feet and going strong to the rim.

Coach Senderoff puts a great deal of stress on the hook shot, a fundamental shot in Senderoff’s repertoire. Players go through a warmup series of hook shots and then Coach Senderoff teaches a counter move as well. For Senderoff, post players don’t need a bunch of different moves. They need a few counters for the basic hook shot, which Coach Senderoff goes on to teach.

The Chair Drill series is introduced and demonstrated as a means to give post players confidence in being successful at finishing around the rim against any opponent. You will see a go-to move along with a counter move both with and without using a dribble. These techniques will help make post players unstoppable around the rim against any defender.

Coach Senderoff also introduces the Duke series. Post players gain another means of scoring as they learn to face up and attack the rim using a variety of jabs, bump fakes, rip throughs, and footwork. This adds another element to the post player.

Building the complete post player takes athletes that are willing to work hard and train with an open mind. Coach Senderoff’s warmup and in-depth look at how to be successful playing the post can build stronger, more successful post players who can become unstoppable forces in the paint.