(Rental)-Sherri Coale: Favorite Practice Drills


(Rental)-Sherri Coale: Favorite Practice Drills

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Sherri Coale: My Favorite Practice Drills

Oklahoma women’s basketball coach Sherri Coale has built an outstanding program with the idea that “it’s never about the drill, it’s about the skill.” In this DVD, she shares a full inventory of drills covering communication, passing, rebounding, transition offense, defense, and shooting.

Coale has won 10 total Big 12 championships and took the Sooners to back-to-back Final Four appearances in 2009 and 2010. Part of what got her teams there is an emphasis on maximizing practice time by matching drills to specific offensive and defensive strategies. The drills you will see will:

  • Improve focus and possessions
  • Minimize turnovers
  • Improve offensive spacing
  • Automate all cuts and screens in a half-court setup
  • Force players to make quick offensive and defensive decisions
  • Teach players to shoot under pressure


Coach Coale uses combination drills to work on fundamental passing as well as communication. Drills such as Hoosier Square, X Passing, and Inverted X work on skills like entering the ball into the post, finishing around the rim, and passing while under pressure. An essential element to lowering a team’s turnover ratio is simply being “sure” with the ball. It is something Coale drills in her players.


Processing information quickly is a theme Coach Coale continually stresses in her drills. Thunder Rebounding is one that works on communication and adds a level of confusion forcing players to think. The faster players can diagnose what is going on around them, the better they will be at making the correct decision.

Transition Drills

Coach Coale likes a fast pace and offers a series of offensive transition drills aimed at just that. Attacking off misses or makes, Coale uses Quick Strike Guards, Quick Strike Posts, and Inbound Integrity to get players to attack quickly and never let an opponent get settled defensively. The drills help ingrain in players the attacking mentality to a point where it becomes automatic.


The final fundamental skill addressed is shooting. Coale likes players to work on game-like shots which is exactly what they do in the USA Shooting, Two-Ball Shooting, Back-Cut Shooting, Three-Lane Push, and Three-Man Rush drills.

All of Coach Coale’s drills help to expand a player’s understanding of the game all while helping them breakthrough their own limitations. With these practice drills, you can maximize your team’s growth and development quickly.Rent this Sherri Coale Practice Drills DVD today.

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