(Rental)-Shaka Smart: Using Ball Screens In Your Offense


(Rental)-Shaka Smart: Using Ball Screens In Your Offense

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Using Ball Screen Offense by Shaka Smart

University of Texas head coach Shaka Smart is well-known for his “Havoc” pressure defense. In this video, he switches to the other end of the floor and demonstrates how his offense puts pressure on opponent’s defenses by using ball screens in transition and in the half-court offense. Utilizing ball screens is becoming a staple in most modern basketball offenses. Coach Smart shows you seven different types of ball screens and how to use them in your half-court offense.

Ball screen offense will:

  • Force opponents to guard disadvantage situations
  • Create roles for other players on your team
  • Exploit you opponent’s weakest defenders

Offensive Counters

Often, teams will defend ball screens one way. If you have an effective counter, you can easily generate points. Whether defenses hedge, trap, or switch; Coach Smart shows you how defenses work to stop the ball screen and how to beat those defenses.

The Fundamentals of Ball Screening

Players need to understand important aspects of ball screens including spacing, timing, and screening angles. Coach Smart breaks down each. He shows you a variety of screening angles and points out the best spots on the floor for using ball screens. Learn seven ball screen reads in order to make good decisions within your offense as Coach Smart demonstrates.

What makes this video unique is something called “Endings.” These are side ball screens that create movement to help players get in the best possible scoring position using a ball screen. Using this strategy, you can counter any defense and exploit weaknesses all while using the same basic ball screen.

At the end of the presentation, you also get a quick five-minute Q&A session where Coach Smart answers some of the most common questions about ball screens. With this video, you can add another dimension to your half-court offense by incorporating Coach Smart’s ball screen system. Rent this ball screen offense DVD today.

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