(Rental)-Shaka Smart: Havoc Pressure Defense Dvd


(Rental)-Shaka Smart: Havoc Pressure Defense Dvd

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Shaka Smart: Havoc Pressure Defense

Shaka Smart’s style of play is evident in the team’s he has coached. Smart, the current head coach at Texas, took mid-major Virginia Commonwealth to the Final Four in 2011 using a pressure defensive system that he refers to as Havoc. Smart’s VCU teams had four straight 27-win seasons and his Texas teams have been to two NCAA tournaments and have an NIT championship to their credit.

Smart’s “Havoc” defense is much more than just running a press. It’s about mindset with its own philosophy and set of core values. In this video, Coach Smart begins there sharing the five core values that make up Havoc and have helped his teams be successful. Smart then breaks down the two full-court presses that helped his VCU teams in 2011-12 and 2012-13 lead the nation in steals and turnover margin.

Teaching the Press

The presentation then moves to the court where Coach Smart teaches the fundamental concept of how to trap. Players must learn to correctly close out a ball handler, force an obvious pass, and be “elastic” in the trap. Coach Smart gives off-the-ball directions and stresses proper space between your man and the ball.

Coach Smart then walks his players through their responsibilities in the Double Fist man-to-man press. Smart does an excellent job in teaching the press. He goes through each step of the press and makes it so simple any coach could easily teach and install it with their team.

The second press that Coach Smart breaks down is his version of the Diamond Press. Smart’s 1-2-1-1 attack is a great way to force opponents into bad spots and create scoring opportunities on the other end. Traps come quick and easy and offenses are forced to pass to weaker ball handlers.

If you want to wreak havoc on your opponents, install the pressure defense from one of the college game’s top coaches. It’s the same system Coach Smart used to get to the Final Four. Rent this Pressure Defense DVD today.