(Rental)-Shaka Smart Clinic: Zone Offense & Special Sets


(Rental)-Shaka Smart Clinic: Zone Offense & Special Sets

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Shaka Smart Clinic - Zone Offense and Special Sets

Discover how to effectively dissect zone defenses in this presentation by former NCAA Division I head coach Pete Gillen. Coach Gillen shares his knowledge and different strategies on how to break down zone defenses gained as the former head coach at Xavier University, Providence College, and the University of Virginia.

Coach Gillen takes you on the court for this demonstration that includes tips, techniques, and advice from other legendary coaches such as Denny Crum, Bobby Cremins, and several others. You will learn how to attack even- and odd-front defenses with plays that create dribble penetration as well as several zone special plays that change up the attack and create opportunities for your best players.

Learn 10 key techniques from Coach Gillen that you can use in any offensive system to successfully attack any zone defense. Coach Gillen shows you how to teach players to attack gaps and how to screen against a zone to force it to shift creating weaknesses in it.

Shaka Smart Clinic to Attack any Zone Defense

You’ll learn to attack any zone defense such as the 2-3, 1-3-1, 1-2-2, and 2-1-2. Included in the presentation are a number of special plays that Gillen has run over the years against zone defenses. One play in particular stands out since it can be used in an end-of-game situation when you’re not sure what defense your opponent will play.

Coach Gillen’s presentation is an outstanding collection of techniques, plays, and just general overall coaching wisdom that is sure to help your team take on zone defenses with confidence! Rent this Shaka Smart clinic DVD today.