(Rental)-Set Plays for Motion Offense


(Rental)-Set Plays for Motion Offense

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Set Plays for Motion Offense

With over 800 career wins and numerous Coach of the Year awards, West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins has put together an offense that is tremendously hard to defend. His offense features a positionless, open post attack with lots of cutting and ball reversals that consistently dissect opposing defenses. In this video, Huggins shows you how he adds a variety of actions to his motion offense. The result, of course, is a high-powered scoring machine that rivals anyone in the Big 12.

Motion Offense Fundamentals

Before Huggins gets into the different set plays for motion offense, he makes sure that you understand the offense first. You must first be able to teach the 5-out motion offense. That includes proper spacing, cutting, and filling within it. Coach Huggins reveals how he teaches his players to keep proper spacing in an effort to create scoring opportunities.

Actions to Score

With proper understanding of the motion offense, Huggins then continues into some of his favorite motion actions. The traditional pass and cut action can be turned into a screen away to place the offense in a position to curl to the basket for an easy score. If overplayed, a slip screen may also be used.

With a flex cut, Coach Huggins shows you how ball reversal and a screen away can create action on the backside. In addition, players can look to step off the lane line and set a flex screen which creates an easy open layup.

For those looking for some continuity, Coach Huggins reveals the T-Game or Triangle. You will see how using a flex cut gets you into a triangle on the opposite side of the floor. Once set, you can use cross screens or down screens to open up scoring chances.

When the ball reversal isn’t open, Huggins shows you how to use a dribble hand-off to either drive to the basket or get the ball reversed so you can continue the offense. If defenses continue to deny the ball reversal, Huggins gives you an option using a flare screen off the dribble hand-off.

Ball Reversals and Post Feeds

In the final segment of the video, Huggins shares how to incorporate the post players within the 5-out motion offense. Posts will cut and hold in the paint before moving to the perimeter. Huggins shows you how you can get the ball inside, especially on a ball reversal, at any time in the offense.

This 66-minute video covers the hottest offense in basketball, the 5-out motion. It is an attack that is efficient and has the ability to generate multiple actions and, more importantly, many scoring opportunities. Learn it from one of the game’s best. Rent his set plays for motion offense DVD today.