(Rental)-Set Plays For Attacking The 2-3 Zone


(Rental)-Set Plays For Attacking The 2-3 Zone

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Plays Against the 2-3 Zone

Steve Smith: Set Plays for Attacking the 2-3 Zone

One of the nation’s most revered high school coaches, Oak Hill Academy’s Steve Smith reveals his strategies on beating zone defenses in this video. Coach Smith has amassed over 1,000 career wins and his teams have claimed nine high school national championships. He has coached some of the game’s biggest names including Carmelo Anthony. Watch and learn as Coach Smith takes you through his general strategies all the way through some set plays for beating zone defenses.

Primary Attacks – Rover and 13

Coach Smith presents three base offenses that he will use to attack any style of zone. Rover is a continuity offense that Smith likes to employ against the 2-3. Rover allows post players to make plays where they are most effective. Coach Smith shows you how to create movement in the offense with your perimeter players using dribble outs and exchanges.

Another way to attack the 2-3 is using 13. This is a zone offense aligned in a 1-3-1 set that is more of a motion style attack. It gives the offense the ability to put a playmaker in the high post and with the freedom to do what they do best. You will also see how this playmaker can create offense without the ball.

For odd-front defenses, Coach Smith shows you Deuce, which keeps two guards up top. The offense uses constant weak side flashes and overloads in an effort to force the defense’s hand. Smith shows you how to create movement and work for open looks.

Set Plays Against the 2-3 Zone

For those times when you simply need a basket or want to take advantage of something in a zone defense, Coach Smith offers these set plays.

  • 4 High Series: These are four plays from a 1-4 alignment that can create high-low opportunities, lobs, flares for shooters, and ball screens to attack the lane.
  • 4 Low Series: These three plays distort the zone by placing players along the baseline. The defense either has to match up or leave players open.
  • Stack Series: Each of these three plays use a double screen on the block to create a numbers advantage for the offense.

For coaches looking for solutions against zone defenses, Coach Smith’s 73-minute video is exactly what you need! Rent this plays against the 2-3 zone defense.