(Rental)-Secondary Break & Man to Man Offense with Counters


(Rental)-Secondary Break & Man to Man Offense with Counters

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Secondary Break Offense & Man-to-Man Offense with Counters

Catholic University men’s basketball coach Steve Howes presents a unique look at the secondary break and a number of sets off the break. Howes has won four conference regular season titles and five conference tournament championships at Catholic and has taken the Cardinals to six NCAA tournaments. Howes goes through all the elements of the secondary break including spacing, counters, and more. Coach Howes various plays off of the break are designed to attack anything a defense throws at you.

Secondary Break Offense: Series

Coach Howes gives you an in-depth look at his “Stay” secondary break series and a number of options that can be run within the series. You will see a 5-on-0 segment that can be used to help players avoid picking up bad habits when executing the secondary break.

The “Heat” series addresses the need to get the basketball into the hands of your best player. The idea is to create a matchup and isolate your best player on the wing where he can use his strong hand. Coach Howes will show you common defensive adjustments to the Heat series and how you can overcome those changes.

In all, Coach Howes goes over three different sets with up to five different plays out of each set. All are designed to pick apart whatever a defense throws at you.

Secondary Break Offense: Tactics

Coach Howes emphasizes taking what a defense gives you and throughout the entire video he shows you set plays and different actions that can be used in each series. You will learn multiple ways to pick on a defense’s weakness. Coach Howes uses a number of different screens such as ball screens, pin screens, and more that work on putting opponents’ worst defenders in pressure positions.

You’ll see why Catholic University has been so successful in this 52-minute video. Coach Howes provides you with the tools needed to upgrade your offense. Rent this Secondary Break Offense DVD today.