(Rental)-Secondary Break Into Half Court Offense Basketball


(Rental)-Secondary Break Into Half Court Offense Basketball

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Secondary Break Offense into Half-Court Offense

Learn the transition from the secondary break into the half-court offense from one of the true coaching legends of our time. Larry Brown, the only coach to win an NCAA title (Kansas, 1988) and an NBA title (Detroit, 2004), reveals the secrets of his fast break and half-court ball screen offense in this video from the 5-Star Coaches Clinic series.

Brown presents to you drills, techniques, and strategy that he learned from some of the biggest names in basketball such as Frank McGuire and Dean Smith. You will see on-court demonstrations that will teach you the drills and techniques Browns’ teams used to become so successful.

Coach Brown begins with three warm-up drills that also serve the purpose of building the foundation for the secondary break. The drills teach good habits and scoring options that your players can use to become successful. You will see an additional eight scoring options off of the secondary break. These are still used to this day at North Carolina, where Brown played in the 1960s. Brown also teaches you how to how to counter a defense that takes away your primary scoring option.

Secondary Break Offense that Flows

In the next segment, Brown shows you how to take your secondary break offense right into the half-court game. You will see how Brown’s teams flowed right into the ball screen action that he preferred. In this segment, you will see how Brown created scoring opportunities for Allen Iverson, who he coached during his tenure with the Philadelphia 76ers. From here, Brown discusses how to build plays around your best player and what your team does best.

An awesome bonus is included too. Brown demonstrates five plays that you can use in your ball screen offense. These plays are designed to surprise, frustrate, and wreak havoc on your opponents. In 81 minutes, you will get all you need to improve both your fast break and ball screen offense. Rent this secondary break offense DVD today.