(Rental)-Sean Miller's Skills School: Wing Workout


(Rental)-Sean Miller's Skills School: Wing Workout

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Sean Miller’s Skill Development School: Wing Workout

The most versatile player on the court is the wing player and Arizona head coach Sean Miller has spent plenty of time developing quality wings. In this video, the three-time Pac-12 Coach of the Year gives you a complete wing workout designed to work on all phases of the game including post play, transition, cutting, screening, shooting, and ball handling. Coach Miller, who has taken Arizona to the Sweet Sixteen five times during his tenure there, will help you develop wings that are the total package on the floor.


Wings will get many looks at the basket with the potential to score. Coach Miller demonstrates four shooting drills that focus on the 1-2 step and shoot method. This simple 1-2 step routine helps Miller’s players get their feet right, stay balanced, and get into the right position to shoot every time. Coach Miller shows you a way to maximize practice time by getting players to shoot from seven different spots on the floor launching as many shots as possible in a given amount of time. The drills include 2-pointers, 3-pointers, and shots on the move to simulate the shots a wing would take in a game situation.

Triple Threat Catching

Effective wings must have the ability to catch the basketball and then evaluate the scoring opportunity. In the segment called Triple Threat, players learn to play off the catch in the half court. Players catch the ball in the triple threat position giving them a distinct advantage. Players learn to work different attacks and Coach Miller teaches players to develop a dominant pivot foot and how to attack any opponent.


Wings have to be able to do it all and that includes the ability to come off screens and score as well as knowing how to set screens in the half court. Coach Miller demonstrates every single cutting action that your wing players may face. Players learn how to free themselves for an open shot. You will learn five basic screening actions: curl, fade, pop, back cut, and button hook.

 Good wing players must also be able to free up their teammates for open shots. Coach Miller teaches wings how to read and set the perfect screen. He then shows the screener how he too can get open and become a scoring threat after having set the screen. Several read and react actions such as slips, curls, bumps, and more are all demonstrated as ways for cutters to use a screen to create space and score.

Coach Miller’s presentation is one of the best wing development DVDs on the market. It is a must-have for every coach interested in developing dangerous offensive players that can essentially do it all.

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