(Rental)-Sean Miller's Skills School: Post Workout


(Rental)-Sean Miller's Skills School: Post Workout

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Sean Miller’s Skill Development School: Post Workout

Arizona head basketball coach Sean Miller has six regular season and conference tournament titles, three Pac-12 Coach of the Year awards, and five trips to the Sweet Sixteen under his belt already in his time with the Wildcats. Part of his success is due to his development of post players. In this video, Coach Miller teaches you how to build dominant post players that can play in the low post, away from the basket, and even in transition.

Using on-court demonstrations, Miller shows you the workout he uses to build post players. You will see four different shooting series, three 1-on-1 post move drills, three off the lane fade series drills, and three cutting series drills.

Shooting Series

Coach Miller’s shooting series will gradually build your players’ offensive skill set from jump shots to put-back, post moves, and counter moves. In the series of drills, Coach Miller emphasizes consistent footwork as a key to increasing a player’s field goal percentage. The shooting drills include:

  • One Two Step Shooting: Players are forced to focus on the proper footwork right before taking the shot. This emphasis on footwork creates the base for players to increase their field goal percentage.
  • Shooting on the Move: While around the basket skills are the basis for scoring for post players, they must also learn to become effective shooters on the move.
  • Toughness Series: Players go through a set of 10 drills using a heavy basketball. These drills work hand-eye coordination, give players a better feel around the basket, develop the weak hand, and provide a tough conditioning workout.

Situational Drills

Coach Miller uses situational drills to help players learn to use what has been taught in real game situations. The transition series, for example, simulates the post player running the floor in the fast break and getting into scoring position early in the possession. The catch and finish series teaches players to catch the basketball and finish at the rim. The emphasis again is on proper footwork in cutting and shooting. Offensive rebounding is another skill that is covered so that post players learn to score easy buckets around the basket.

Players also work on more common situations where they must go 1-on-1 with a defender. In this set of drills, Coach Miller teaches players how to be effective scorers from the low post as well as what to do when help defense arrives. The final part of Miller’s presentation deals with “off the lane” drills. As post players are pushed off the lane, a strong face-up move is taught to create good scoring opportunities.

Coach Miller’s School of Skill Development does an excellent job of addressing the fundamental skills necessary to develop tough, fundamentally sound post scoring machines.