(Rental)-Scoring Systems For Creating High Quality Practices


(Rental)-Scoring Systems For Creating High Quality Practices

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Basketball Scoring System for Creating High Quality Practices

Coaches at all levels will tell you that you play like you practice. Wright State University head coach Scott Nagy has created an atmosphere for highly competitive practices which has helped him win three Summit League titles and earn two Horizon League Coach of the Year awards. In this video, he shows you how to elevate your practices, create competition, and get maximum effort and energy from every single player at every single practice.

One of the unique things Coach Nagy uses in his practices is a basketball scoring system that helps to increase the level of competitiveness and eliminate boring practices. You will learn the basic fundamentals of a scoring system, one for offense and one for defense, and how to use them effectively in your practices. Coach Nagy also demonstrates six on-court drills that show you how the scoring system works.

Fundamentals of a Practice Basketball Scoring System

Coach Nagy shares with you the essentials of a good scoring system and then shows you how to build your own. In building your own system, it is important to remember these fundamentals:

  • The importance of offensive and defensive ratios
  • The importance of recording your practices
  • The importance of keeping statistics in practice
  • The importance of free throw efficiency ratios

Offensive and Defensive Scoring Systems

It is important for players to take good shots. Coach Nagy uses a 2-1-2 scoring system to help players learn the value of different shots on the floor. The scoring system helps train players to attack the basket in a 10-foot zone, get to the foul line, and shoot open 3-pointers.

There is also a scoring system that promotes competition on defense. Defenders focus on forcing long 2-point shots and contested 3-pointers. The defense is rewarded for keeping the ball out of the paint and out of the 10-foot zone. Coach Nagy also shows you how to score rebounding and transition defense in live drills.

Practice Setups

Using a series of six drills, Coach Nagy shows you how to keep score using his system. Beginning with a 2-on-2 drill and progressing from 3-on-3, 4-on-4, all the way to 5-on-5, Coach Nagy teaches you the scoring system. It is the perfect way for getting your players to crank up the level of competition in practice, which will directly translate to game performance. Rent this basketball scoring system DVD today.