(Rental)-San Diego State Offense And Drills


(Rental)-San Diego State Offense And Drills

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Steve Fisher: San Diego State Offense and Drills

Steve Fisher built a career on an up-tempo style of play that led him to 495 career victories including an NCAA national championship in 1989 as the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines. He moved on to San Diego State where he had 12 20-win seasons and led the Aztecs to the Sweet 16 twice.

In this video, Coach Fisher teaches his offense and shows you the drills he uses to do so. You’ll learn how to create opportunities at the rim as well as open three-point shots.

Shooting Drills

Offense all starts with the ability to make shots. Coach Fisher teaches a competitive shooting drill that forces players to move with a purpose. He demonstrates a partner shooting drill that gives players shots at the top of the key, elbows, corners, and behind the 3-point arc.

Transition Offense

The fast break was one of the keys to success at San Diego State. Watch as Coach Fisher shows you how to get the ball up the floor quickly and create easy shots. You will see how the transition offense can generate uncontested three-pointers and easy entry passes into the post.

For those times your guards can’t get the ball up the sideline, Fisher gives you a few options. One is a drag screen in transition with a big where he rolls and replaces to space the floor.

Half-Court Offense

Coach Fisher’s offense is based on two sets: Shuffle and Scissors. Shuffle is a series that provides a wing-to-block cut off of the back screen from the post. There is also a variation where two separate stagger screens are used to free up shooters on the perimeter. Fisher also shows you how to beat teams that deny swing passes and reversals.

The Scissors set is essentially a Princeton offense variation with two bigs at the elbows. Using down screens, back cuts, and ball screens, Scissors provides open shot attempts at will. Fisher adds in quick hitters and counters to keep any defense guessing.

This video from an NCAA championship coach makes an outstanding addition to any collection! Rent the San Diego State Offense today.