(Rental)-Running an Effective 1-3-1 Zone Defense


(Rental)-Running an Effective 1-3-1 Zone Defense

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A zone defense that works is difficult to plan and hard to beat!

  • Learn how to switch from a 1-3-1 defense to a manto-man defence in one possession
  • You can change the position of your team's centre so that they can play under the basket or in the middle.
  • It is important to understand the importance of protecting passing lanes in order disrupt the offense

Coach Will Jones gives his explanation of the 1-3-1 defense. Jones demonstrates how to transform your zone defense into an 2-3 zone and match up in man-toÐman. Jones also provides his calls to get your players ready for the defense they want.

Alignment and Process

In the video's opening, Coach Jones emphasizes the importance of leading players in the right direction. He explains that being process-oriented and not results-oriented will help you be a better coach in any aspect of basketball coaching.

Jones then discusses his use of the 1-3-1 defense. He also explains how alignment and the placement of personnel in the zone affect the defense's shape and principles. The defense can respond differently to different shapes. Sometimes, the shape can stay the same. He shows how to adjust the pick-up point when the ball is up on the court.

Running in the 1-3-1 Area

You will find out about Coach Jones' 3-1/1 zone defense here:

  • The top position is the most important in defense
  • Where and when to trap
  • How to defend passing lanes
  • Weak coverage on the side
  • How should the zone rotate as the ball moves from east to west?
  • How to defend the corner
  • Coverage and rotations
  • How to move from the 1-3-1 zone to a 2-3 zone, or player to person defense

Jones also demonstrates how to defend baseline-out of bounds plays as well as how to adjust to the various alignments teams use against the 1-3-1. Jones also discusses the most common attack that can cause the 1-3-1's collapse.

This video is great for coaches who want to use the 1-3-1 defense but also to have a defense that can change during possessions and cause havoc on offense.

93 minutes. 2022.

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