(Rental)-Running A Competitive High School Practice


(Rental)-Running A Competitive High School Practice

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  • Run practice like it's a live game situation
  • Enhance your defensive, passing and ball handling skills
  • A simple motion offense with seven plays can be taught to help you score inside or outside.
  • Kevin Boyle: USA Today National High School Coach Award 2007

From start to finish, run a high-energy exercise.

Kevin Boyle gives a thorough review of the basics, drills, and techniques required to implement a high-performing high school program.

Six areas are the core of Boyle's practice:

  • Drills for Full Court Transition
  • Full Court Transition Drills for Dribbling
  • Defensive Shell
  • Drills for defensive breakdown
  • Drills for Motion Offense Breakdown
  • Motion Offense Sets

With Coach Boyle's six full-court passing drills, you can get your practice moving quickly. You can use a ball to condition your players and execute the fastbreak in game-like situations.

Boyle shows eight drills that will help you improve your dribbling skills during the fastbreak. You can improve your ball handling speed and develop cross-over dribble and slide techniques. Also, you will learn how to catch and freeze.

Boyle's defensive drills and man to man breakdown drills stress the "help and recuper" technique, jumping at the ball, protecting the inside cut, and ball denial.

Boyle also includes the basic rules of his motion offense as a bonus. He starts with a simple motion offense in a four-out set. Here he demonstrates scoring options like screen and slips, backdoor cuts against pressure defense, and dribble outs. He ends with four motion play plays to get it inside to post players, and three plays that create an open jumper.

No matter what defense throws at your team, get your plays to the same level of effectiveness.

76 minutes. 2009.

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