(Rental)-Run And Gun The Complete Guide To The Grinnell System


(Rental)-Run And Gun The Complete Guide To The Grinnell System

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Run and Gun Basketball: The Complete Guide to the Grinnell System

Up-tempo, high-scoring basketball and Grinnell College have been synonymous for years. Grinnell head coach David Arseneault Jr. explains how you can create more possessions and score more points than you ever have by implementing his offensive and defensive philosophies. You’ll learn how to set up the transition offense and score quickly via a number of special situations as well as learn how to improve your team’s shooting and create turnovers with pressure defense.

In Transition

Building upon the system of his father David Arseneault Sr., Coach Arseneault teaches how to organize all of your players in transition. Each player has a designated spot to get to and specific responsibilities in creating quick scoring opportunities. Players are taught to operate with a 12-second shot clock in mind.

Working the Half-Court

When necessary, Coach Arseneault explains how his players have unique plays they can run when the transition offense fails to produce a quality scoring chance. You will see three plays used by Grinnell following a dead ball situation. These plays use high ball screens, stagger screens and combination dribble hand-offs and ball screens to create quick and easy scores. You will also be introduced to how Grinnell utilizes its bench and uses platoon substitutions bringing in an entire new lineup. Each five-man group has a number of half-court plays it uses when transition fails.

Special Situations

Inbounding the ball under your basket or facing a half-court zone defense are situations that will occur game after game. Understanding how to effectively counter these situations will help your teams play fast no matter what. Coach Arsenault will explain how to stretch zone defenses by spreading the floor with shooters. You will also see how easy it is to flow back into your primary offense very quickly after an inbound situation.

Pressure Defense

Playing up-tempo means a commitment to doing so on both sides of the ball. Coach Arseneault explains both full- and half-court defenses that can force turnovers and create quick and easy scoring opportunities. Coach Arseneault also introduces a hybrid man-zone full court pressure with detailed roles for all five defenders. Pressure defense is not just used after made baskets either. Learn how you can implement the press after misses as well.

Developing Skills

Make no mistake. If you want to play fast like Grinnell, you need shooters. The system depends upon it. Coach Arseneault offers you four shooting drills that Grinnell uses to develop their shooters. These drills will give your players the repetitions they need to improve their technique. Coach Arseneault also develops these shooting skills with game-like situational drills where players learn to shoot off the dribble, drive the basket, and score from the low post.

The Grinnell system can take your program to new heights when implemented correctly. Learn how from one of the best young coaches in America.