Pro Scoring Secrets System

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Pro Scoring Secrets System

$77.00 $197.00 -61% OFF

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How to Instantly Add 9-15 Points per Game
w/ Pro Coach Jay Hernandez' Pro Scoring Secrets System

Taught by Jay Hernandez - Player Development Coach for the Charlotte Bobcats

Pro Scoring Secrets Gives You Everything You NEED to Become an Elite Scorer

Pro Scoring Moves Vol. 1

Volume 1 will teach you moves in the half court that will allow you to create separation from your defender and always create a shot. Each move features multiple counter moves so as your defender adusts you can read the defense and make a slightly different move. This will keep the defense always guessing - and they will usually be wrong which means you'll be getting more shots and scoring more points.

Pro Scoring Moves Vol. 2


Volume 2 will teach you moves in transition before the defense is set easily adding several buckets to your total per game. Jay shows you how to practice these moves on your own so you can master the moves. Then start practicing them against a live defender and getting them down. You will be on your way to becoming a scoring machine.

Freeze Pullup Scoring Secrets


Quick Pull Ups that Freeze your defender will make you even tougher to stop in the Mid-Range or from 3 point range. As a Bonus, Jay gives you specific ball handling drills that will speed up your shot off the dribble.

Advanced Point Guard Scoring Secrets

Learn to be a Great Point guard that can score and create scoring opportunities for teammates. Create separation and learn to use either hand and get to the Highest Level of Point Guard Play.


Pro Scoring Secrets covers everywhere on the court. Not only off the catch, but watch this clip and see Jay start at half court. Don't worry, he'll cover everything everywhere to score when you order the entire Pro Scoring Secrets System.


It's the Details that separate Great from Good. Jay goes into super detail that makes all the difference in whether a move will work or not. You only get this type of instruction from a Pro. Don't miss out!

Get game specific solutions to your problems. Have a defender hounding you up the court? Jay teaches you how to take control of that defender and make him play at the speed you want - not what he wants.

Plus We Are Going To Throw In 2 AMAZING Bonuses If You Take Action Right Now…

Weighted Ball Training Secrets

If you haven't trained with a weighted ball you are missing out on becoming stronger with the basketball which means you'll be able to dribble, pass, rebound, and score against the best. Coach Jay will show you all the ways incorporating a weighted basketball into your workouts will help explode your ball handling skills and in turn your scoring will go up.

Being a great scrorer means being a great free throw shooter. If you are a true scorer and not just shooter, then you will be getting to the free throw line EVERY game and this is where Coach Jay's free throw training techniques will help you light it up from the free throw line.

Yes, You are Getting It All

Jay's Secrets of the Pros Scoring System

Do You Want To Learn the Moves Jay Teaches the Pros?

Wouldn't you like an NBA Player Development Coach to help you with your game? Jay Hernandez knows how to teach scoring the basketball and now you can learn from Jay himself. With Jay's Pro Scoring System you will get to see Jay perform all of the moves that will allow you to create shots and score like the Pros.

Watch Jay Train NBA Star Kemba Walker

See Jay Conduct a Pre-NBA Draft Workout

Jay Works Out NBA Star C.J. McCollum

What Customers are Saying...


Can you see Your Child Succeeding with the Pro Scoring Secrets System?

Jay Wright

"Jay has the talent and skill to play the game at a high level but it is his ability to simplify complex concepts for players young and experienced that separates him from other trainers"
JAY WRIGHT • Head Coach, Villanova University

Jaque Vaughn

“We are extremely excited to add Jay (Hernandez) and his family to the Orlando Magic. Jay will bring a tireless work ethic and dedication to development to our coaching staff.”
JACQUE VAUGHN • Head Coach (2014-2015), Orlando Magic


Jay is the Player Development Coach & Assistant Coach with the Orlando Magic. During the Off-Season Jay trains Pro & Hopeful Pro Players.

Big Results Are Coming!

  • Pro Scoring Ability - Being able to score anywhere on the court is what will separate you from the players that have only one Hot Spot. Make the entire court your Hot Spot.
  • 94 Foot Threat - Develop sick handles and learn how to attack the basket like the Pros do.
  • Super Quick Release - Do specific dribbling drills that will actually transfer to being a better scorer. You'll learn drills Jay teaches the Pros to get their shot off quicker and keep it from betting blocked.
  • Broken Play Fixes - See how to turn a move that didn't work out like you planned and still pull another counter.
  • Elite Scoring Moves - See how to turn a move that didn't work out like you planned and still pull another counter.
  • Impress Coaches - Easily learn how to make subtle moves with your body that will get your defender off balance making it easy for you to score.

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