Practice Drills To Make Your Team Better



Practice Drills To Make Your Team Better



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Unlock Your Team’s Potential

Are you looking to elevate your team's performance to the next level? Illinois women's coach Matt Bollant reveals the secrets to improving shooting accuracy, increasing toughness, and mastering transition defense in this comprehensive on-court clinic DVD. With a runtime of 78 minutes, you're equipped with all you need to transform your team into a formidable force on the court.

Features & Benefits

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Illinois women’s coach, Matt Bollant, as he shares his extensive knowledge and coaching strategies.
  • Comprehensive Drills: Includes six shooting drills, toughness training, transition defense exercises, and drills for developing guard/post synergy.
  • Shooting Skills Enhancement: Emphasizes proper shooting form and teaches players how to effectively shoot off screens.
  • Build Team Toughness: Focuses on being tough with the ball through three specialized drills, underlining six key points for ball toughness.
  • Transition Defense Mastery: Offers drills designed to improve your team’s transition defense, a critical aspect of winning games.
  • Guard/Post Synergy: Two additional drills aimed at enhancing the crucial guard/post player relationship.
  • Conditioning Drill: Features a conditioning drill that incorporates the zig zag drill to keep your team in top physical shape.


Who is this DVD for?
This DVD is perfect for basketball coaches at all levels who are dedicated to improving their team’s performance through focused, effective practice drills.

Can these drills be integrated into any team’s practice routine?
Absolutely! The drills provided in this DVD are versatile and can be adapted to fit any team’s practice schedule and skill level.

How long is the DVD?
The DVD has a running time of 78 minutes, packed with valuable insights and actionable drills to make the most out of your team’s practice sessions.

Is this DVD suitable for teams at all levels?
Yes, the drills and techniques covered in this DVD are designed to benefit teams at any level, from youth leagues to college basketball.

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