Power Yoga for Sports FULL Tennis Training Kit


Power Yoga for Sports FULL Tennis Training Kit

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Transform Your Physical and Mental Game

  • Comprehensive Content: Receive over 17 exclusive videos, an 83+ page manual, athlete evaluation tools, and much more, crafted by Gwen Lawrence, whose expertise is sought after by elite athletes worldwide.
  • Prevent Injuries: Learn how to evaluate problem areas and imbalances with a 9-page guide and 2 hours of live taped workshops, reducing the risk of injuries that could sideline your career.
  • Enhance Mental Focus: With mindfulness worksheets and a goal-setting book, this kit ensures your mental game is as strong as your physical game, giving you an edge over the competition.
  • Exclusive Access: Gain insights from Gwen Lawrence, named "The Best Innovation in Sports Medicine" by ESPN Magazine, through this all-inclusive kit not sold anywhere else.
  • Value Beyond Measure: At just $47, this kit represents an invaluable investment in your sports career, potentially saving you from costly physical therapy, surgery, and mental strain.

Why Choose Power Yoga for Sports?

  • Elite Endorsement: Utilized by professional teams like the NY Giants, NY Knicks, and individuals in MLB, NFL, MLS, NHL, NBA, showcasing its effectiveness at the highest levels of sport.
  • Expertise You Can Trust: Gwen Lawrence brings a unique blend of dance, massage therapy, and yoga training, enriched with extensive knowledge of anatomy and nutrition, delivering unmatched results.
  • Global Recognition: Join the community of certified Yoga Coaches globally, benefiting from Gwen's pioneering Power Yoga for Sports philosophy.

Invest in Your Future Success

Don't let the fear of injury, lost playing time, or the mental drain of not performing at your best hold you back. With the Power Yoga for Sports FULL Tennis Training Kit, you have everything you need to elevate your game, ensure longevity in the sport, and achieve personal happiness on and off the court. Take control of your health and success today, just like many elite athletes and professional teams have done with Gwen Lawrence's guidance.


  • What makes this kit different from other training programs? This kit is designed specifically for tennis players, incorporating Power Yoga for Sports philosophies tailored to address common imbalances and injuries in the sport.
  • Can beginners use this kit? Yes! Whether you're a professional athlete or a beginner, this kit provides valuable tools and insights to improve your game.
  • How soon can I expect results? While individual results vary, many users report noticing improvements in their performance, flexibility, and mental game within a few weeks of consistent practice.

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