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Power Tennis

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Discover the Secrets to Enhancing Your Game

Whether you're a budding tennis player or an experienced coach, Power Tennis is designed to transform your approach to the game. Compiled by Joe Dinoffer, a master professional with a world-class career in tennis instruction, this course offers a deep dive into the techniques that have propelled players in less resourceful countries to the top of the world rankings. Here's how Power Tennis can revolutionize your game:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Delves into 8 key aspects critical for improving racquet head speed and overall performance.
  • Expert Instruction: Crafted by Joe Dinoffer, recognized for his contributions to tennis coaching and player development on a global scale.
  • Practical Lessons: Includes topics such as ball dwell time, grip tension, serve, volley, and the two-handed backhand with gender-specific insights.
  • Accessible Learning: Features video content totaling over an hour of instruction, suitable for all learning styles.
  • Global Insights: Incorporates strategies and secrets from countries leading in professional tennis, offering a unique perspective on player development.

Benefits of Power Tennis

Embrace the opportunity to elevate your game by understanding and applying the key ingredients for success:

  • Racquet Head Speed: Learn to convert your racquet head speed into impactful ball speed.
  • Body Mechanics: Master the "hinges" of your body to optimize your play and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Enhanced Serve: Gain insights into swing length and power sources to enhance your serve.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Understand the nuances of different shots, including volleys and defensive squash shots.
  • Personalized Training: Benefit from lessons tailored to address common differences in male and female two-handed backhands.

Why Choose Power Tennis?

With Joe Dinoffer's extensive experience and award-winning coaching methodologies, Power Tennis stands out as an essential resource for anyone looking to improve their tennis game. From detailed video lessons to insider knowledge on successful international techniques, this course offers unparalleled value for players and coaches alike.


Is Power Tennis suitable for beginners?

Yes, Power Tennis is designed to assist players at all levels, including beginners, by breaking down complex techniques into understandable segments.

How can coaches benefit from this course?

Coaches can gain fresh perspectives on training methodologies, drills, and player development strategies that have proven successful worldwide.

Are the lessons in English only?

While the primary content is in English, Joe Dinoffer's experience in delivering instruction in multiple languages, including Spanish and German, infuses the course with a global perspective.

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