Planning a Creative Team Practice


Planning a Creative Team Practice

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Discover the Secret to Engaging and Effective Team Practices

Are you tired of the same old practice routines that fail to excite your team? Do you believe that there's a more effective way to engage and develop your players? Look no further. "Planning a Creative Team Practice" by Coach Geoff Hirai is your guide to revolutionizing how you approach team practices. With over a decade of coaching experience at Seattle University, Coach Hirai shares his innovative strategies to make every practice session as productive as it is engaging.

Why "Planning a Creative Team Practice" is a Must-Have for Coaches

  • Innovative Practice Strategies: Learn from the vast array of creative practice components that Coach Hirai has successfully implemented throughout his career.
  • Engage Your Team: Discover new ways to spark enthusiasm and commitment among your players.
  • Maximize Productivity: Every minute of practice is precious. Learn how to make them count with exercises that are both fun and effective.
  • Expert Insight: Benefit from the wisdom of a seasoned coach who has faced the challenges and triumphs of team development head-on.
  • Accessible Learning: With a runtime of just over 49 minutes, gain valuable knowledge in less than an hour — a perfect fit for your busy schedule.


Who is this video for?

This video is ideal for coaches at all levels who are looking to enhance their team's practice sessions, boost player engagement, and improve overall team performance.

How long is the video?

The video is 49 minutes and 10 seconds long, making it a concise yet comprehensive guide to creative practice planning.

Can I apply these strategies to any sport?

While the principles and strategies shared by Coach Hirai are derived from his experience in baseball, the core ideas about creativity and engagement can be adapted to a wide range of team sports.

Take the First Step Towards More Dynamic and Effective Practices

Don't let another practice go by feeling like a missed opportunity for growth and development. Embrace the innovative approaches in "Planning a Creative Team Practice" and watch your team's enthusiasm and performance soar. It's time to make practice the highlight of your team's day.

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