Performance Factors on Forehand Strokes - Cyril Genevois


Performance Factors on Forehand Strokes - Cyril Genevois

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Transform Your Game with Expert Insights

  • Exclusive Techniques: Discover how to generate explosive racket speed through a deeper understanding of the kinetic chain, with a special focus on two crucial links that significantly impact forehand velocity.
  • Non-Dominant Arm Mastery: Learn the critical role your non-dominant arm plays in adding power to your forehand and how to optimize its movement throughout every stroke phase.
  • Live Demonstration: Benefit from live video footage of high-level player sessions, offering practical examples of how to apply these techniques.
  • Medicine Ball Training Done Right: Master the correct way to use a medicine ball to enhance forehand power - a method often misunderstood by trainers.
  • Lag and Snap Explained: Gain clarity on the 'Lag and Snap' technique, understanding its mechanics and why attempting to force it can be counterproductive.

Why Choose Cyril Genevois?

  • World-Class Expertise: With a Ph.D. in Sports Sciences, GPTCA/ATP certification, and over three decades of experience, Cyril Genevois is a leading authority in tennis coaching.
  • Global Coaching Impact: Cyril’s innovative coaching methods have supported players and academies worldwide, helping to elevate their game to new heights.
  • Comprehensive Support: From video analysis to physical training planning and global training load monitoring, Cyril offers a holistic approach to player development.

Benefits That Extend Beyond the Court

  • Universal Forehand Fundamentals: The techniques taught are universally applicable, allowing any player to strengthen their forehand game significantly.
  • Actionable Strategies: Cyril’s insights provide practical, real-world strategies to increase pace and power in your forehand, making them easy to integrate into your training routine.
  • Supporting Tennis Growth Worldwide: By purchasing this course, you contribute to Tennis AID, promoting tennis development in underprivileged countries.


Is this course suitable for players at all levels?

Yes, the fundamentals and techniques Cyril Genevois teaches are designed to benefit players across all skill levels, from beginners to advanced competitors.

How will this course improve my game?

By focusing on the key aspects of forehand mechanics, such as racket speed, power generation, and effective use of the non-dominant arm, you'll learn to execute more powerful and efficient strokes.

Can these techniques be integrated into existing training routines?

Absolutely. Cyril’s strategies are meant to complement and enhance your current training program, offering new perspectives on power and efficiency on the court.

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