Oscar Wegner`s Advanced Professional Coaching


Oscar Wegner`s Advanced Professional Coaching

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Unlock Your Full Potential

Step into the elite circle of tennis coaching with the MTM-U Advanced Professional Coaching course. Tailored for professionals with solid background in tennis teaching, this program is your gateway to becoming a certified MTM-U Level III Tennis Teaching Professional. Here’s why this course is a game-changer:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive deep into advanced coaching techniques covering pro stroke analysis, match strategies, and high-performance coaching questions and answers.
  • Renowned Pedagogy: Leverage Oscar Wegner’s groundbreaking methods that revolutionized tennis teaching, influencing champions like Venus and Serena Williams, and Gustavo Kuerten.
  • Certification of Distinction: Earn a prestigious certification that attests to your ability to coach beginners to advanced level players using modern tennis methodologies.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with quizzes, video analyses, and practical sessions that ensure a deeper understanding of the material and its application.
  • Global Recognition: Join a globally recognized community of tennis professionals certified in the Wegner method, enhancing your employability and professional network.

Beyond the Baseline: The Wegner Advantage

Oscar Wegner’s teachings have stood the test of time, transforming tennis coaching and playing styles worldwide. His innovative techniques, emphasizing open stance, topspin, and proactive footwork, have set the foundation for modern tennis. By enrolling in this course, you embrace a legacy of excellence and innovation that will elevate your coaching and your players’ performance.


  • Who is this course for?
    It is ideal for tennis directors, high-performance coaches, and teaching pros with extensive experience looking to enhance their coaching skills and achieve MTM-U certification.
  • What are the prerequisites?
    Completion of the Play Like The Pros Course, Best Of Oscar Course, Introduction To Coaching Course, Modern Footwork Course, and Intermediate Coaching Techniques Course.
  • How do I get certified?
    Upon successful completion of the course material, quizzes, and practical demonstration of methodology application, along with submission of course completion certificates and resume, you will receive the MTM-U Level III certification.
  • Why choose Oscar Wegner’s methodology?
    Oscar Wegner’s methods have revolutionized tennis instruction, focusing on natural strokes, improved footwork, and strategic play. This course offers you the chance to learn from a pioneer and significantly improve your coaching approach.

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