Offensive Zone Sets


Offensive Zone Sets

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Attention Basketball Coaches and Strategists!

Are your team's offensive strategies faltering against zone defenses? Does it feel like you're out of options when facing this formidable challenge? Look no further! Coach Robert Jones, a seasoned basketball strategist and the architect behind some of the most dynamic offensive plays, is here to transform your approach to zone offense. With his comprehensive course, "Offensive Zone Sets," you're not just learning plays; you're mastering the art of breaking down any zone defense.

Why "Offensive Zone Sets" is a Game-Changer

Coach Jones doesn't just provide plays; he delves deep into the mechanics of ball and body movement—essential components for dismantling a zone defense. Through detailed explanations and strategic insights, this course equips you with 9 Half-Court Zone Plays and 1 Out of Bounds Play designed to outmaneuver the zone and create scoring opportunities. Whether your team is struggling or you're looking to refine your offensive playbook, "Offensive Zone Sets" is your key to unlocking a new level of offensive execution.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Zone Offense Toolkit: A curated collection of 9 Half-Court Zone Plays and 1 Out of Bounds Play to counteract zone defenses effectively.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Coach Robert Jones, a decorated coach with a track record of success, including the historic upset as a 16-point underdog against #1 seed Alabama.
  • Detailed Play Breakdowns: Each play is meticulously explained, highlighting the importance of ball and body movement to displace the defense.
  • Exclusive Access: Gain insider knowledge from one of basketball's strategic minds, with content not available anywhere else.
  • Proven Success: Apply strategies crafted by the 2019 MEAC Coach of the Year and Skip Prosser National Coach of the Year.


Who is this course for?
"Offensive Zone Sets" is ideal for basketball coaches at all levels seeking to improve their team's performance against zone defenses.

How will this course help my team?
By incorporating Coach Jones' plays and strategies, your team will move and pass the ball more effectively, creating mismatches and open shots against zone defenses.

Can these strategies be applied at any level of basketball?
Absolutely. The principles of ball and body movement are universal, making these strategies effective for high school, collegiate, and professional teams alike.

How can I access the course?
You can gain immediate access to "Offensive Zone Sets" by purchasing the course through our exclusive platform. Transform your team's offensive strategy today!

Don't let zone defenses dictate the pace of the game. With "Offensive Zone Sets," you have the power to take control, break down defenses, and lead your team to victory. Embrace the wisdom of Coach Robert Jones and revolutionize your offensive playbook. Act now and secure your course access!

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