Northridge`s Multiple Defenses


Northridge`s Multiple Defenses

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Unlock the Secrets to an Unbeatable Defense

Imagine your basketball team dominating the court, leaving your opponents bewildered and outmaneuvered. With Coach Rey's groundbreaking "Northridge's 1-3-1" defensive strategy, this can become your reality. Dive deep into the defensive tactics that have made Northridge High School a bastion of basketball defense under the guidance of the legendary Coach Will Rey. Discover how to implement a versatile defense system that adapts on the fly and secures your team's victories.

Why Northridge's Multiple Defenses?

  • Proven Success: Crafted by Coach Will Rey, a Hall of Famer with decades of coaching experience across high schools and Division I basketball.
  • Comprehensive Guide: Detailed breakdowns of the 1-3-1 defense including positions, responsibilities, and court geography.
  • Adaptable Strategies: Learn how to seamlessly transition between defensive schemes to keep your opponents guessing.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain access to Coach Rey's unique teaching points and strategies that have shaped Northridge High School's defensive prowess.
  • Engaging Content: Engross yourself in over an hour of in-depth tutorials, including a free introduction to court geography.

What You'll Learn

Northridge's Multiple Defenses isn't just a coaching tool; it's a transformative experience for you and your team. You'll master the intricacies of:

  • Setting up the formidable 1-3-1 defense
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities to your players to exploit the full potential of the 1-3-1 setup
  • Adjusting your defense based on the flow of the game
  • Implementing a multi-layered defensive strategy that builds on the foundation of the 1-3-1 system

Meet Your Coach

Will Rey brings a storied career to this course. Inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2015, his expertise is unparalleled. With coaching stints at Loyola of Chicago, Evansville, and Northridge High School, among others, Coach Rey has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to developing winning teams and strategies.


  • Is this course suitable for new coaches? Absolutely! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting, this course offers valuable insights and strategies for coaches at all levels.
  • How will this course help my team? By applying the strategies and teachings from Coach Rey, you can significantly improve your team’s defensive performance, making you tougher opponents on the court.
  • Can I apply these strategies to any level of basketball? Yes, the principles and tactics taught in Northridge's Multiple Defenses are adaptable to various levels of basketball, from high school to college.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Transform your team's defense today with Northridge's Multiple Defenses and lead your team to victory!

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