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Discover the Path to Collegiate Softball Success

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the college recruiting process? Unsure what coaches are looking for or how to promote your student-athlete effectively? You're not alone. The NFCA Webinar: 2022 Recruiting Myths & Truths is your key to demystifying the complex world of college recruiting. Let our experts provide you with invaluable insights and resources to navigate this journey with confidence.

Why You Can't Afford to Miss This Webinar

Our comprehensive session covers every aspect of the recruiting process, designed to empower you and your student-athlete for success. Here's what makes this webinar a must-attend event:

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA), the leading authority in fastpitch softball coaching.
  • In-Depth Coverage: From recruiting terminology to the role of social media, get clarity on all key areas of recruiting.
  • Interactive Presentation: Engage with a dynamic slide deck presentation that makes learning accessible and enjoyable.
  • Insider Knowledge: Discover the truths behind common recruiting myths to give your athlete a competitive edge.
  • Support Resources: Gain access to valuable resources that will continue to guide you long after the webinar ends.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is perfect for high school, travel ball, professional, and international coaches, as well as parents, umpires, and fans of fastpitch softball. Whether you're new to the recruiting scene or looking to update your knowledge, this webinar will provide you with the tools you need to support your student-athletes effectively.


What topics will be covered in the webinar?
Topics include understanding recruiting terminology, visits, phone calls, camps, what to expect from coaches, prospect responsibilities, the role of the parent, the transfer portal, scholarship models, the role of social media, the NCAA Eligibility Center, National Letter of Intent, and Name, Image, and Likeness.

Who is presenting the webinar?
The webinar is presented by the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA), which has been the professional growth organization for fastpitch softball coaches since 1983.

How can I attend the webinar?
Register online to secure your spot. You'll receive all the information you need to join the webinar upon registration.

Is this webinar suitable for parents?
Absolutely! Parents play a crucial role in the recruiting process, and this webinar will provide you with the knowledge to effectively support and guide your student-athlete.

Take the First Step Towards Recruiting Success

Don't let the complexities of college recruiting hold you back. Join us for the NFCA Webinar: 2022 Recruiting Myths & Truths and transform uncertainty into action. Register now to secure your path to success.

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