MTM-U Online Certification Access


MTM-U Online Certification Access

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Why Choose MTM-U for Your Tennis Coaching Journey?

  • Exclusive Modern Tennis Methodology (MTM): Learn directly from the program developed by Oscar Wegner, a revolutionary in tennis coaching techniques.
  • Comprehensive Certification Levels: From beginner to advanced, enhance your skills and knowledge to be recognized as a certified tennis coach.
  • Flexible Learning Path: Study at your own pace from anywhere in the world with online access to all MTM-U certification courses.
  • Bundle Discount Offers: Enjoy significant savings with bundle discounts available for the complete range of courses.
  • Recognition and Credibility: Join an elite group of coaches listed on the Coaches Index page and the MTM-U website upon successful completion.
  • Exclusive Final Checkout by Oscar Wegner: The ultimate validation of your skills with the final checkout for Level III Advanced Tennis Teaching Professional conducted by Oscar Wegner himself.

Benefits of MTM-U Online Certification Access

  • International Recognition: Elevate your coaching career with a certification recognized globally, boosting your credibility and potential job opportunities.
  • Improved Coaching Skills: Master the Modern Tennis Methodology to provide cutting-edge coaching techniques that can transform your students' game.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience that contributes to both your personal development and professional advancement.
  • Expand Your Network: Join a community of like-minded professionals, sharing insights and experiences in the field of tennis coaching.
  • Access to Updated Resources: Stay ahead in your coaching practices with the latest updates and resources from the world of Modern Tennis Methodology.


  • How do I apply for MTM-U Certification Access?
    You can apply by visiting the official MTM-U website linked in the product description and following the application process outlined there.
  • What levels of certification does MTM-U offer?
    MTM-U offers various levels of certification, starting from the introductory courses to the Level III Advanced Tennis Teaching Professional, determined by course completion, player level, and coaching experience.
  • Are there any prerequisites for joining MTM-U courses?
    There are no strict prerequisites, but a background in tennis and a passion for coaching will greatly benefit your learning experience.
  • Can former MTMCA certified coaches join MTM-U?
    Yes, coaches previously certified as MTMCA, MTMCA Italia, and MTMCA Middle East may retain their former status and will also be listed on the Coaches Index page.

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