Mastering Volleyball - Advanced Skills and Drills featuring Coach Al Scates (19 NCAA National Championships)


Mastering Volleyball - Advanced Skills and Drills featuring Coach Al Scates (19 NCAA National Championships)

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Why Choose This Program?

  • Championship-Level Coaching: Learn from Hall of Fame Coach Al Scates, who has led teams to 19 NCAA championship titles.
  • Advanced Techniques: Move beyond the basics with advanced skills in serving, passing, setting, blocking, and drills.
  • Exclusive Access: Gain insights into the coaching methods that have made Coach Scates one of the most successful coaches in collegiate volleyball history.
  • Comprehensive Training: With specific chapters dedicated to each skill, benefit from a structured approach to improving your game.
  • Legacy of Excellence: Be inspired by a coach who has not only won numerous Coach of the Year awards but has also developed athletes into Olympians and All-Americans.

Program Highlights

  • Personal Coaching Clinic Experience: Each chapter is designed like a personal session with Coach Scates, offering detailed guidance and strategies.
  • Proven Track Record: Incorporate the same winning methods that have guided UCLA teams to unparalleled success over decades.
  • Enhance Team Performance: Ideal for both individuals and teams looking to significantly improve their play and understanding of the game.

Benefits of Mastering Volleyball With Coach Scates

  • Develop Winning Strategies: Learn the tactical aspects of volleyball that can turn close matches into victories.
  • Improve Personal Skills: With focused chapters on essential volleyball skills, see your personal performance soar.
  • Achieve Excellence: Join the ranks of Coach Scates' trained athletes who have achieved national and international success.


  • Who is this program for? Volleyball players of all levels who wish to improve their game, coaches looking for advanced training techniques, and teams aiming for championship success.
  • How does this program differ from other volleyball training programs? This program offers advanced techniques straight from a Hall of Fame coach with a proven track record of leading teams to national championships.
  • Can beginners benefit from this DVD? While the program is focused on advanced techniques, motivated beginners dedicated to improving their game will find valuable insights and methods to elevate their play.

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